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Amigo Loans 118-128 Commercial Road, Bournemouth BH2 5LT

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118-128 Commercial Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5LT, United Kingdom


    • Business Loans
    • Installment Loans
    • Line Of Credit
    • Payday Loans
    • Signature Loans
    • Title Loans
    • Account Manage
    • Affordability Checks
    • Bad Credit Car Finance
    • Bank Loans
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    • Budget Plan
    • Car Insurance
    • Car Loan
    • Credit Card Debt
    • Debt Consolidation Loans
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    • Direct Lender
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    Amigo Loans Reviews


    Sasha Ellis

    At the time when you’re in desperate need with bad credit you think they are helping you when infact when you really look into it they’re only helping themselves ended up paying back nearly £24000 on a £10000 loan repayments of nearly £400 a month over 5 years in understand interest rates are changed but at almost triple the cost of the loan you took out is disgusting genuinely don’t know how they sleep at night them lending isn’t the issue the interest rates they charge and complete lack of care and help for customers needs that’s the issue here! Left me in arrears with my council tax and other bills as I didn’t Have the means to pay everything and asked them if I can make payment at a later date and all they said was make sure your payments are made or we will need to go to your guarantor Even if the do resume lending steer well clear if you have sense I thankfully finished paying my loan in late 2020 wouldn’t touch them again! Worried paying ppl back will make them go bust ?? Good I hope they do


    Liam Green

    Worse company to take a loan from they absolutely rob you in interest. I was paying £130 for a 3500 bike finance and £100 was intrest. I ring up to pay it off all in one to stop the intrest charges. There currently in court because it is not just me they have took the mic out of. Please don't take loans out with these they cause more damage to your mental health and finances for the next several years. I would like a 25% refund on my intrest. Now I have been advised if I don't get refunded I can always drop more evidence to the courts to go against you. I'm disgusted I trust this company in the first case. Legal bank robbersCase number :44764914



    Horrible horrible horrible company….Partner struggled with depression after finding out her dad was terminally ill and then became his care worker having to give up her full time job. She rang the company for help in payments in which she didn’t receive any help, so she filed for a IVA which she was accepted for.Amigo loans now have gone to her guarantor (which we are fine about). This guarantor being her mother, the same woman who’s husband is terminally ill. They have started taking out payments without her knowledge at a increased rate. Instead of £200 payments they’ve taken £375 payments. They also know the situation and don’t offer help they just want money!! Avoid avoid AVOID!!!


    Diamond Faure

    Awful company to use do not use if you can obviously I know people use them when desperate but all I can see from them is knocking people when they are down even in the pandemic they will write you letters even if you are one day late which can happen to the best of people I.e needing to move money over from bank accounts etc I would never use them again let alone reccomend them to someone I know and care about THEY ARE AWFUL AND SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!


    Grace Gabriella Puskas

    As long as you know how to honor your agreements and understand the basis of an agreement, your alright! BUT, I personally got treated unfairly. The interest rate is horrific and the personal who received the loan ended up being a con artist. Amigo offered NO empathy/support/compromise or consideration. They harassed me until I was forced to get out another loan to pay for this one. Sufficient checks clearly weren't done, the guy ended up taking the money and leaving (my and my parents' house a state too). Luckily, I kept half of the figure as a safety net, but it was still a pretty horrific experience. The guy still hasn't paid me back to this day...


    Black Rose

    Please avoid like your life depends on it. No matter how desperate you are. Please don't for your sanity as well as your finances. You will most likely end up paying well over double what you borrowed. Don't listen to the positive reviews, how the hell they have any is beyond me. Also if you can vote on the scheme please vote NO. Let's get this company shut down, so they cannot take anymore innocent peoples money.


    Norman Bernard

    The worst company at all times.Don't go with these absolute cowboys! The interest rates are astronomical.They harass you non stop and are not reasonable at all with their solutions (if you miss your payment date by even one day their sending letters, calling you, texting, emailing and making threats of legal action & also your guarantor will also receive all of this.Utterly disgusted with this companies underhand tactics to drain as much money out of you as possible....Don't let them scam you! Stay away from these bunch of scammers.Already made complaint about Amigo Loans to Financial Ombudsman Service.


    Amelia Busfield

    I would of given zero stars, absolutely disgusting,nothing but harassment and threats with emails,text messages,letters.they take money out of your account whenever they want so be aware that when you agree to pay on a certain date every month they will take money off you when it suits them.they have been taking money out of my account and my guarantors account at the same time without permission,so they have been taking more money than what I agreed to pay,nothing but a scam.for a 1000 loan you end up paying over double back.please avoid this branch, there's plenty of other loan branches which are not robbing scam artists


    wendy smith

    The worse company to borrow from you end up paying 3 times more then what you had originally borrowed.In response to the comment below from amigo if that's what your saying then why have I paid over £14000 for £7000 loan and still have well over £5000 left to pay. To me that would add up to 3 times the amount by the time that its paid off.Complete rip off the interest works out so much more then 49%.Their a scam your feel imprisoned and unable to escape. Don't touch this company.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Wendy, thank you for reaching out. Our interest is accrued daily with the APR of 49.9% (capped). We assure you that you would never pay more then what was initially agreed when you took out the loan. Thanks, Amigo.


    Patrick Furlong

    Worst bunch of gangsters on the planet nothing but harassment. There in court at the moment going to have to pay back millions to customers. Stay away new clients.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Patrick, we are sorry to hear that this was your experience with us we never want our customers to feel this way.

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    • 1. How Can I Get In Touch With Amigo Loans?

      Dial . You can fill in contact form on their site.
    • 3. What Does Amigo Loans Offer?

      Amigo Loans provides services as follows:
      • payday loans
      Click here now to find more details from Amigo Loans.
    • 5. Does Amigo Loans Perform as an Agency or a Lender?

      Amigo Loans is a Loan agency that may accept all kinds of loans. Besides, you can try WeLoans that will help you find the best lenders for your reference.
    • 7. Does Amigo Loans Accept People with Low Credit Scores?

      Sure, please contact them for more details before you get a loan. You can also turn to PaydayLoansUK for loans for bad credit online
    • 2. What's the Address of Amigo Loans?

      118-128 Commercial Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5LT, United Kingdom could be the address of Amigo Loans.
    • 4. What's the Procedure of Applying for a Loan at Amigo Loans?

      You can follow on their website at any time you need loans. If you have a bad credit, you can get a bad credit payday loan online from PaydayLoansUK.
    • 6. What if I Can't Repay My Loan On Time?

      You need to contact your lender for negotiation in advance if you can't pay back the money.

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