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    Derek Rowley

    Broker4cars were the only company I could find that offered discounted prices for a new model Kia Sportage, including dealers. I checked out the company history at companies house and looked at reviews and decided to make enquiries. In January 2022 I went ahead and paid a deposit using a credit card which protected me financially should there be any issues. I had no issues with communication and they regularly sent me email updates. I was quoted 16 weeks lead time (which could not be guaranteed) but was delighted when I received a call after only 6 weeks to say that the car was in the country. I was given the VIN and registration details and I was able to book a date for delivery. I transferred the balance 2 days before delivery and the car arrived as expected, in perfect condition. I was made aware throughout that the V5c may not arrive for a few months, however until this arrives you are still the owner of the vehicle but not the registered keeper. I don’t believe this will make any difference to my ownership or resale value in the future. I’ve saved over £3,000 which has gone towards insurance, service contract, mats etc and I still have the same 7 year warranty. I realise I was lucky with such a fast delivery, but delivery times would not be any different if I had ordered through a dealer. Would I recommend broker4cars – definitely!

    Response from the owner

    Many thanks for your kind review .


    Laura King

    I bought my first car through brokers and the experience was so much more pleasant than your average dealers. I went to 3 different dealerships before I was referred to Brokers and it was a completely different dynamic with the salesman. So friendly, professional and very helpful, it didn't feel pushy at all.A massive thank you to Dan & Andrew for all the help, not only did they give me a great deal but they gave the best service.Will for sure buy my next car through them.

    Response from the owner

    Many thanks for your kind review I am pleased you were delighted with our service and excellent saving we made for you



    Quite an extended delay due to much reported supply chain issues with semiconductor chips. Staff kept me updated on progress and VW Tiguan Elegance was supplied as per order with a saving of 17% on list price.I work in debt recovery so I did company background checks and was comfortable with the transfer of monies. Would use again without doubt.......Thanks Again........Cordially Paul - Newark NOTTS

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for your review, yes we have experienced delays in supplies due to the shortage of micro chips and now have to cope with the Ukraine issues as a lot of wiring looms and even construction of cars plus neon components for micro chips come from Ukraine. Enjoy your new car


    Steve Middleton

    Having used a broker before for a pre-reg, I returned to the same one for a replacement vehicle. They offered quite a good deal, but not as good as Broker4Cars. Dan Foyle was my main contact, but in the last few days I also dealt with Andrew.Both Dan and Andrew were fantastic. Very responsive to my questions and queries, answering emails and phone calls quickly and with the information I needed.Broker4cars quotes 10-12 weeks delivery when we ordered and they delivered the car to my home, on a trailer with just 13 delivery miles on the clock within the promised timescale. The vehicle was exactly as specified and the best part we saved almost £5,000 from list price. I would highly recommend Broker4Cars.


    Andrew Pace

    Purchased a new Audi via Broker4cars. The service was excellent end to end and hassle free. The car took 12 weeks to arrive as indicated by Dan. Highly recommended

    Response from the owner

    Thanks for your 5 star review these certainly help our business . We look forward to doing business with you again in the future


    Allen Martin

    I was very pleased with the service and reliability of Brokers4Cars. I ordered the car despite my partner's concern re dealing with a broker and my decision proved to be a very good one. Great communication, great service and delivery and a lovely Mercedes 250a at a very good price. Delighted.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks for your review half our battle is convincing customers like yourself if you havent bought from a broker before. We have 22 years plus experience on the internet now and have many customers who come back to us once they have used us once. Enjoy your new car



    Ordered a RAV4 from Broker4Cars (B4C) in June 2021 with a 14 week delivery. Starting October 2021 I called in a few days before the delivery date just to be knocked back a fortnight each time. To be honest I suspected it all sounded a bit repetitive as by December I was onto 6th delivery date and by then was starting to feel I would be pleasantly surprised if the car arrived. Also though, began suspecting it may never arrive as I began to loose confidence in B4C. I understand they are middle man but they seemed too comfortable just repeating the fictitious dates given by suppliers. Told it would arrive mid January 2022 and around then was told it was now back to end of March. At that point I started to research the situation with Toyota. I was told by two franchise dealers that a car ordered in June 21 would have been delivered October 21, likewise they told me cars currently being delivered March 22 were all ordered September, October and even November 21. I emailed a complaint to B4C last week in March and the next day they called to tell me they would return my deposit and fee. So, 9 months after ordering and dumped off the customer list and now facing a 9 to 12 month lead in time with any new supplier. Not just time wasted though, car has gone up at least 10% in purchase and also crossed the £40k threshold for road tax. The not being able to supply I can accept but the constant leading on with false information is unforgivable. Although in fairness, the business seems to exist so some customers must be getting cars supplied. What concerns me is they cannot supply my order but they are still advertising the same on their website knowing they cannot fulfil. I gave one star as they did repay my deposit without any problem so credit there, just a shame they couldn’t provide the service they advertise and charge for. I have used other brokers previously with great success, I have tried them in the last few days and all consistently say they cannot guarantee cars like Toyota will be delivered due to demand in retail sales. Brokers rely on retail surplus and right now with makes like Toyota there is no surplus. The business would greatly improve if they carried out due diligence on their supplier information and take ownership of their customers rather than kissing the suppliers butts.


    Samantha Austin

    I purchased a Nissan Qasqhai from Broker4cars this was my second purchase and have to say this Company have been excellent in every way from the moment I placed the order to receiving the vehicle. Saved over £6000 as well. The V5 document came the day after receiving the car as well. I could not recommend this Company anymore . Keep up the great work. I will definitely be coming back in 3 years time.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks Samantha glad you returned to use our easy to buy a new car service. Enjoy your car


    Stuart Downes

    This was the first time I bought a new car through a car broker, so was quite nervous about doing it. Found them on the internet after a search. Reviews were good. Contacted the company via their online form. New exactly what car I wanted, what colour, automatic etc. Received a reply straight away. Very good correspondence. The whole process from then on was easy, and I soon obtained a brand new car straight off the factory line. Handing over payment was a daunting thought but I was put at ease after I made the initial deposit payment, and received a receipt from them via email the same day I knew that the payment was to be made. The same happened when I paid the balance. I had already agreed a delivery date, and the car was delivered that day. It was in immaculate condition and after giving it a full inspection, accompanied by the delivery chap, I signed the relevant form. The whole process was basically effort less. I exchanged numerous emails during the transaction, all of which were replied to straight away, and any queries I had were answered fully. After taking delivery of the vehicle, I not long after received an email asking if everything was okay and any problems to contact them immediately. I can certainly recommend this company.


    Sean Manning

    Dan is the Man. He saved me 5k on a brand new car. He kept me informed at all times and responded quickly to emails and calls. The delivery to the door was fantastic too. The best part is no need to haggle with a dealer and feel pressured into adding extras. They just want to find the best deal they can for the car you want.

    Response from the owner

    Many thanks for your kind response, Dan has worked for us for 17 years now he is a value to our business . Believe me there is a lot more work behind the scenes to keep everything ticking along . Thanks for your business . Broker4cars by your side for 20 years selling new cars at huge discounts . Regards Gary

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