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Cash Brokers 36 Castle Street, Shrewsbury SY1 2BW

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36 Castle St, Shrewsbury SY1 2BW, United Kingdom

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Cash Brokers Reviews


David Ashurst

Very helpful sellers. Very honest. Thank you.


Slaw Gemba

Very bad place. Selling phones blocked by EE. Asked about money return they are saying "report it to police that's your only option". Refusing to do the refund and ignoring the fact that they should take responsibility for what they sell.


Jason Harris

Totally disrespectful made me feel so worthless discusting attitude towards a customer don't know if it was the colour of my skin or because I have mental health issues which he made a point of asking of I did or not I wasn't disrespectful or.anything just tried to tell him my phone screen that I was trying to just get some money to get me through the next week until I get paid wasn't cracked it was just the screen protector he did not give the chance to prove it wasn't cracked just old me to remove myself from the shop which I did thought I would go back with my tablet which is brand new so there was definitelyk9 nothing wrong for him to have a problem with he continued to be disrespectful told me to f'off I kept my cool and left the shop stood outside having a cigarette and he came out for one too for some reason then proceeded to tell me to f'off outside the shop which is where he asked if I had mental health issues which I do I still kept my cool he then said he would get his phone to film me so I said okay I will get mine and film how you are being with me too he then went back into the shop and called the police on me as if I had done something wrong so I waited for them and told them what had happened showed them that my new is like new because of the screen protector they asked me to move along which I did as I did not want to cause any problems just felt like I had been looked down on like something in the bottom of his shoe


Declan Hogan

Lovely accommodating staff, helpful and thoughtful.

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