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241 Main St, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 8EZ, United Kingdom

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Cash Shop Bulwell Reviews


Ryan O'Neill

AVOID AT ALL COST, ZERO STARS.I had the unfortunate situation of having to visit here on Xmas eve to cash a £1500 cheque from a well known insurance group.First of all the woman with the thick accent tried to humiliate and lie to me that the company was not trading on companies house. I rang the company and told them what the inept staff had told me and they then gave me their trading number as authenticity.So, I went back and queued for another 30mins to be told by the larger woman that she’d need to contact her boss and the insurance company accounts department to clarify. She then went around the corner of the shop where she thought I couldn’t see her and then preceded to periodically filled her face with some cold chicken nuggets I could see on a table while she was on the phone to her boyfriend. After a few minutes she returned with her phone still open showing her call log! No insurance company numbers or name with (Boss) next to it!She then preceded to lie to my face and deliberated that she could “Only lend £200 of the £1500 and then you would after to come back in the new year to collect the rest.” Thankfully I didn’t actually need the money. But, I imagine if I did for gift for example I wouldn’t have been very happy with this outcome.It was an interesting insight as to how a dodgy business operates. I just hope that you never need to use this place.


Mitchieboiee mstaa

Went in today, managed to get what I wanted after a bit of negotiation. Great service and an even better smile from elena, lovely woman.


Cheese Man

Again, wow never known nothing but kindness from the cash shop since I’ve had cancer it’s been a life saver I’m there every month -Nicky


Stacey Kelly

Brought a few things from this shop over the past few weeks, staff are very polite and helpful. I was looking for specific items and even though they didn’t have them in stock at the time they kept my details and rang me once they had them in stock for me to come and buy them. Great prices for the items.


Simon Davis

Vile, rude staff, especially the fat ginger girl who could do with a wash. Make up regulations and costs as they go, no idea how to actually do their job. If you have any sense, you will avoid this place and go to a more reputable company for financial services.


Bella Marley

All the employees at the Bulwell location are very pleasant, patient and always greet you with a warm smile. Thank You CeeJ, Elaina, Anita and Marcus keep up the outstanding service.


Frankie Duff

Been here for many years never let me down amazing customer service


Ross Gourlay

Tried to sell a £300 (when new) camera lens here before and was offered £10. I didn't expect my full amount of money back but needless to say I took it into London camera exchange and was offered £120 for the very same lens. I have since never returned on account of their scamming tendencies, however I decided to give them a last try and was offered £30 for a Xbox elite controller that I would get £55 for.


Pauline Mcintyre

I have been going to the cash shop in bulwell for many years . Never once have I had problem with stuff I have had from the shop. A lot off people blame the staff for the price the things are . And for what you get for taking things in. . Like phones. jewearly . And many other things. The staff only go by what they are told to do. My son Andrew also as had so much stuff from there two. And once again no problems. Joe and Marie are such lovely and always helpfull ladies bless them.


Katie Marwood

was served by Anita a lovely lady who took the time to do research on each of the items I was selling, recommended a wonderful Cafe to wait in while she quickly sorted it 100%recommended will use in the future if needed

Response from the owner

Thanks for your feedback, Katie and for choosing Cash Shop!

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