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Central Liverpool CR Union - WALTON ROAD Reviews


John Edwards

Very pleased, as a member of this credit union. Everyone is friendly and polite. I have never had any issues. An organisation that you can really trust. Excellent!! , I would recommend to anyone thinking of saving/ investing. All people made to feel welcome.


Faye Braithwaite

Rang up today to ask about my savings! I've never not known to not be able to get my own savings out regardless of what my loan is. I have done my own research and you are allowed to get your savings out if you sign a form which states it might affect your loan. I rang up and asked for advice and help and got on the phone one rude girl who put the phone down on me as I was explaining my situation I rang backup In absolute tears as I felt so degraded and my little girl was sitting next to me. Awful customer service and am waiting on a manager to call me as I could hardly speak so so upset!!!



Been very helpful I was hospitalised and I phoned up because the deadline was up for getting forms in. I explained over the phone and they have kindly said they will send my form out. Can't thank them enough for being so understanding 5* off me


Doug Watson

Had an account with Liverpool Credit Union for a year for savings, never had any problems at all with them. Keeps money in the local area, and assists with local people’s finances without having to turn to payday loan sharks.


Ian Benis

Terrible experience with these women . it may have been different if i was not a MAN! watch out.


Rebecca elizabeth Gardiner

Since the past 5 years I have been with credit union Walton Road, they are absolutely brilliant and very helpful always there to help when in need so yeah for anyone thinking about using credit union I'd strongly agree they are the best an very helpful to say the least u can save lend an do all kinds with credit union thanks for all your help us ehave given me


Stacey Peers

No one ever answers the phone... I need the sort code an account number to update my twins on to my benefit an they won't clear me through security to even add them onto my claim without the sort code an account number of credit union an I can't find it anywhere on the internet... It's so frustrating I've been to the shop Sewell an wasn't letting anyone in... so how are we meant to get our money out if the shopnis closed to public.. grrr


nikita dicko

absolutely disgusting manners by the staff and that is when they do decide to answer the phone if only I could give them no stars


Nicola Blackham

Very efficient and helpful staff. So quick and easy can’t thank the girls enough.


Michelle Wilson

Been trying to get in touch for two weeks via phone and left messages on this site and had no response?

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