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East Kilbride Credit Union Ltd 43 Brouster Hill, East Kilbride G74 1AG

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01355 224771

43 Brouster Hill, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74 1AG, United Kingdom

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East Kilbride Credit Union Ltd Reviews


Jim Tierney

Wouldn't recommend. They were excellent years ago when it was a proper credit union (15-20 years ago), but I'd describe them now as just an unfriendly bank. Happy to have closed my account.


Lynda Watt

This is a brilliant place , the staff are pleasant,,, and really worth your while joining .I think I have been with them for over 25 years.You are all doing well keep it goingL watt


suzanne smith

I have always found the credit union helpful, friendly and polite every time I have visited them, I would recommend them to all of my friends and family and will keep on using them for a long time to come.


James Alexander Strachan

Unexpected bill for my car went in to withdraw £600 on a Friday lunchtime. Had never made a withdrawal before this was my first. I was questioned why garage could not wait till next week for payment!!Who cares I don't like debt so twas told couldn't have cash I would have to pay £3 for £600 of my hard earned savings to be put in my bank account b4 5 o'clock that day total rip off calculation to interest against savings makes you worse than any money lender. Should be ashamed of yourself I was that shocked I forgot to ask what I can lift same day without charge ???


David Low

Wouldnt use them at all , Made payments every month like clock work and paid it off early on 2 loans before it should of been you would think it would be reduced right on how much u pay back well by my calulations it was not and the stament is so strange to work out as it adds the money your borrowing and the intrest on top then the daily intrest on top of that and the fact payments i made into my shares and my loan vanished when there systems was not working they write it out and i cant find the bit of paper and i rang them informed them and they still sent out a letter and charged me a 10er this is worse than a loan company and them taking out 2 annual fee within a few month of one another i will never be using them again its sick to think this is a credit union that was built for the public to help them it really is not worth opening an account as clearly they would have the extra cash sitting there if they lost the tranaction so some one is clearly pocketing it if my money was not put in my shares or on my loan and now i have lost all trust and faith in this credit union


Rosslyn Allan

Always helpful and friendly. Staff lovely and provide a fantastic service to the community.

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