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23 Churchill Way, Cardiff CF10 2HE, United Kingdom

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Everyday Loans Cardiff Reviews


Craig Ball

I cannot praise this service enough. I've really struggles trying to get out of debt, covid has kicked me whilst down put it that way. The guys I spoke to at the Cardiff office were amazing, very thorough, very clear, and money was in my account same day, and has saved me over £300 a month, it's given me my life back! Thankyou!


Leanne Singh

Terrible I had signed a contract on the 5th of April for a overpriced loan and was promised the money on the same day its been 4 days since I signed the contract and still no money feel like im beeing scamed I have done nothing but enquire about this and still nothing or very little help I would not recommend this company to any one very lazy staff and extremely poor communication within the company staff are full of false promises and very clumsy with personal details. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING TO GET A LOAN FROM HERE THE RISKS ARE LIMITLESS!!!!!!


Helen Morgan

They were incredibly helpful from start to finish. There was no pressure to go forward with a loan with themselves. I would certainly recommend them.


Joanne Ashman

Found them very easy to deal with would highly recommend their services


Adele James

The team are friendly, helpful, just awesome to be honest.


Regina Brousse

Wish I could give zero stars: rude, inconsiderate staff!Make me waste my time ! Absolute disgrace of a company, profiting on other people's misery. Any positive reviews on here are most probably fake. Don't loan money, seek advice and get help. This company and all the other loan sharks out there should be banned from trading and stripped of any profits!!


Andrew Osmand

Customer service was great, everything explained in detail. They make sure that the loan is right for your circumstances and genuinely help you to get back on track. Excellent!


Sonia J

Leads you on saying they can help. Went through why I needed help to the last detail. Awaited a phone call for weeks. Had to call myself to then be told they couldn’t help me. Very disappointing


Hannah Kandeh

Have taken a payment before the agreed date without permission, after they refused my payment plan set up.


Gavin Jones

Great hassle free service, polite, friendly and helpful staff

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