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First Floor, 25 Commercial St, Austin Friars, Newport NP20 1YD, United Kingdom

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  • Payday Loans
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Everyday Loans Newport Reviews


Richard Staddon

A few times with these I set arrange payment dates and then they change dates without my knowledge one it makes my credit score bad and 2 they breach contract or agreement once my loan is paid they will have big good bye and another bad review


Barrie Thomas

The best loan firm in the country will be recommended them to my family and friends


Neil Watts

They are very helpful And look after you with good advice.


Cerrianne Hacker

Christopher was very down to earth and made me feel comfortable and relaxed, made the process more easy. Let's be honest loans of these kind are are sometimes a last resort. But the repayments are probably better than the ones I firstly applied for and got rejected, so 5 stars for saving my arss cheers 👌 🙌🙌🙌🙌


Howard Griffiths

Talked me thru everything carefully and explained the terms and conditions and worked out my payments clearly your staff are pleasant and helpfull especially emma who dealt with my application

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