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Disgusting customer service! I wanted to cash a bankers draft that I received from closing my mothers account due to her death. The cashier was truly unbelievable. Rude, unhelpful and treated me as though I had personally ruined her day for just existing!By the way blond and in her twenties.Zero stars. In fact if I could give minus stars I would.Avoid like the plague!!!!!!


Robert Kippen

Always very friendly staff. But then again this is a microcosm of our society - I am one of those going in to get money for a foreign holiday, not one of the unfortunates who use the same shop for a very different need.


Laura Bull

Very nice ladies always good to me


bonnie upham

Zero star rating. Absolutely disgusting customer service. Rude and unprofessional cashier. I read the advert that informs me as a customer that you cash cheques with proof of i.d. so i drive 24.6 miles to the money shop in bridgwater with all the relevent identification. Just to be told they cant cash cheques so had to drive 24.6 miles back without a cheque being cashed. So no money shop in bridgwater you dont cash checks...... Wow a bit of false advertising going on there. And the rude cashier then starts about my fathers personal banking prefferences. Absolutely disgusted. Seriously considering legal action.


Liz Goodchild

The staff have always been good to me when I go in there.


Rebecca Bryan

The team at bridgwater were amazing, I had no concerns Michaela made me feel comfortable at all times and talked me through the whole process.

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