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London Mutual Credit Union Reviews



I was just on the phone and she disconnected the call, l will be withdrawing from the service and membership!!!!! Very bad customer service!



I am a new member and applied for a, £500 loan. Which I was told would be in my account within one working wasn't, it came 4 days late I signed the agreement on the 7th and the funds hit my account after 9am the morning of the 12th. This caused my car insurance direct debit to go unpaid and I incurred charges from my bank, RAC car insurers and their finance company or what ever. To add insult to injury LMCU have since already taken 2 payment from my account totalling £190 within 28 days yet they said it would be monthly repayments. To get the loan they suggested I pay my bennifits into my LMCU account and ask to get paid fortnightly to speed up the loan process, I did this thinking the monthly repayments would also be split over 2 monthly payments ?BUT NO SUCH LUCK !!! Also couldn't believe they would take back first payment the same month as I got the loan and it seems after 2 payments the balance still remains at £500 owed. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL THEY ARE PUSHING POOR PEOPLE INTO DEEPER SUFFERATION AND WHEN YOU CALL AND QUESTION IT THEY JUST HANG UP THE PHONE ON YOU. DISGRACEFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE


Colby Horridge

Absolute joke rang up and was on hold for 20 minutes still no answer


Beverley smith

Fuming card been stopped bank apps blocked and there is no phone number to call after 1pm sat and can't phone SundayDisgraceWhat if all my money is gone or someone has cloned me and I can't call Coz u don't operate phone lines weekendMe n my hubby taking out business elsewhereThat 7 accounts and 2 saving accounts we ain't touched in 10 yearsDisgusted



Just wasting my time . I did wait for almost 10 days and say we regret you are not qualified this time . They told me send this documents, that documents at the end they say sorry . It’s absolutely ridiculous I will not take it in near future from here .


Paul Gormley

I'm with the company now through my employer. I have a savings option which isn't competitive at all but wanted a lending option for the future that was reasonable. These guys really aren't. You can get personal loans in 5 mins at a fraction the APR these guys charge, also a lot less hassle.Anyway, I know this because I applied for a loan 4 weeks ago. Submitted all the documents and have heard nothing back. Avoid.


Serenity Rose

*Multiple and consistent experience of average hold time 90 minutes only to be told they don't do any transactions on the phone.* Multiple & consistent experience of online banking system failures as well as inability of them to understand or answer simple queries, often the tactic is the divert, evade or outright refuse to deal with requests.* They don't email PDF statements and it takes on average a week to receive in the post.* Regularly use discretion to blanket apply fees despite good custom & obvious circumstantial one off issues being causation.Are they not a credit union "for its members?" Seems they operate like a bank but in lack of the same level of service.* Overall time wasters, understaffed, unable to sustain the amount of customers to maintain normal banking roles eg process transactions, issue statements and answer queries. Using the pandemic as an excuse for lack of management. We are almost ten months in now - there has been time to strategise!


Beth Gray

After making a transfer online yesterday it hasn't arrived and then I make another payment and that still hasn't arrived over 15 hours ago and I'm calling no answer and no dought they won't talk to me coz I forgot my security pass code...over all what a joke and 15 days for a cheque to clear what a madness


Colm C

Been left in a queue for my call to be taken for 80 minutes now and I have still not been answered , not happy with the service at all


dee reid

Love this place. Staff are good and the service they provide the community you would never get from a high street bank.

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