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Unit 1, Brooklands, Redditch B98 9DW, United Kingdom

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Mobile Money Ltd. Reviews


stuart tyrer

Avoid this company at all costs!! This company sold my car for half the value that they valued it at trade 12 months earlier when I got the loan and they did not get the best price for it (sold it for £4.5k valued trade at £9k plus it had a private number plate on it worth £1.5k). If it had gone to auction it would have realised a lot more money and I believe it was sold at such a low price because the car sales company which it was sold to is owned/connected to mobile money in some way! They also continued to charge interest at a full monthly rate when in the contract it stated daily rate, so was charged about an extra £300 pounds that they were not entitled to charge me and I never got this back!! This company will charge and make as much money out of you as they can and makes money out of you when you can’t afford to pay!! Avoid at all costs!!! Avoid at all costs!!!


iRazed x

Would not recommend this company to anybody if you need a loan look elsewhere. Getting a loan from this company and you Will have to forfeit the rights to your car even if the loan is way less than the value of the car. Logbook loan companies are the biggest criminals going. Stay away.


Brian Miller

AVOID at all costs this company breaks there own policy to give you loans knowing full well your going to have trouble paying it back. Had trouble with my last loan was two months behind was told I could get the interest frozen to catch up with payments but then told no to it . I paying over my monthly amount but still was getting phone calls wanting more and using my car has leverage by telling me they would default my account and my car was at risk and that paying them back was more important then other bills. There is a case handler called Amiee who keeps calling threatening you lying about how they can take the car and is rude very unprofessional I knew she couldn’t do anything but other people might not be as wise so in short do not use this company avoid it


carl chad

Do not use these they are scum

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