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433 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF5 1JH, United Kingdom

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Moneyline Cardiff Reviews


Jacqueline Johnson

Don't try organizing loan online, takes forever, you still have to have phone appointment which may not be for days.As modern day loans go moneyline are way back in time. Managers are patronising and extremely unhelpful. Waited a whole day for a text or call to say when appointment was but it never came, leaving it up to me to keep recalling them. Only to find the 24 hours had turned into70 hours before completing loan. So ended up having to get appointment at an office anyway.Get with the times moneyline your procedures are outdated.


Ruth Porter

They were very friendly and helpful explaining everything thankyou


Kevin davies

Not happy been with money line now for 2 years had no problem getting a loan even though my credit is not very good. Still I have always paid them every penny I owe. Today I make a new application to be told they now do credit checks and can't lend me anything. Obviously there loyal customers mean nothing to them. I have been lied to and patronized by the call center staff. Thanks for nothing money line.


Nikki Card

Really helpful, polite and very sufficient with giving you the full info you need to know!

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