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Get loans as much as £5k from our trusted lenders at PaydayLoansUK and get the best interest rates you can find.

How Much Do You Need?


Could a £5000 Loan Be a Good Option for Me?

With a £5000 Loan, your options are endless. You can invest in yourself, foot travel expenses, get your first car, go on a trip, and many more. Asides from basic milestones, you can decide to take care of an emergency or some bills that have been in the way long enough.

When borrowing, you need to have a valid plan on how to pay it back. A loan is favorable compared to using your credit card. You don't want to be burdened with quite a sum for interest rate when paying back.

Would I Be Eligible to Receive a £5000 Loan?

Getting a £5k loan surely doesn't come with strident rules. You just have to be capable of repayment. To do this you have to earn at least £1k every month. Repayment is also very flexible, as can stretch your repayment over a period of 18 months as the case may be.

Where Can I Apply for a £5000 Loan in the UK?

Online lenders

Online lenders are available for fast funding. They supply the funds you need within minutes or hours. It all depends on how fast your bank processes the fund release. Online lenders are also demanded by the FCA to carry out full credit checks before issuing loans.


You can obtain a £5k loan from a bank. However, their eligibility requirements may be too stringent. It may also take days to weeks to process, which makes it a less attractive option when in an emergency.


In order to avoid getting scammed or your credit score taking a hit from multiple hard credit checks, you can choose to apply for a loan through a loan broker. A loan broker like PaydayLoansUK will connect you to reliable lenders that will fund you almost immediately. Lenders affiliated with these brokers provide favorable interest rates.

How Does Payday Loans UK Compare?

compareWhy Use Us?
What is the maximum amount I can borrow?Up to £5000Instant approval
Will I be considered if I have bad credit?YesBad Credit Considered
Interest rates (variable)49.7%Zero paperwork
Loan repayment terms1-36 monthsFlexible repayment
Will I be credit checked?YesWill perform credit checks as for financial regulations
How do I apply?Apply onlineSimple application form
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How to Get £5K Easily with PaydayLoansUK?

Fill out the online form

Applying for a £5000 loan with PaydayLoansUK is fast and effective. Complete the form with your loan details, personal information, income, and bank information and your application will be processed.

Receive obligation-free quotes

Once we've connected you with one of our 150+ lenders, they're required to make a decision in minutes. They provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation with the authorized loan amount and other information once you've been accepted.

Accept Offers

Read carefully through the terms and conditions set out in the quote and see if you are satisfied with them. If so, accept the offer.

Get Credited

When you accept the offer, you may expect to be credited as soon as the same day you applied. However, the precise time you get the funds will be determined by the amount you request and the speed with which your bank processes the deposit.

Want to Get a Loan?

3 months

Representative Example: Rates from 43.1% APR to 1333% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 1 month. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,200 borrowed for up to 75 days. Total amount repayable is: £1506. Interest charged is 0.34% per day, amounting to £306, annual interest rate of 124% (variable). Representative APR: 49.7% (variable).

How Long Should I Take to Repay the £5000 Loan?

The duration of repayment is entirely dependent on how and when you wish to pay back. You can pay it back in years or just a few months. Although, it is worthy of note that the longer you take the more interest you will accrue.

When Will I Receive the Money?

As soon as you access and accept the offer, our trusted lenders will make a direct transfer to your account. These short-term loans can be accessible in minutes or hours. A lot of that is dependent on the speed at which the fund release is processed at your bank.

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What to Know About Applying for a £5000 Loan?

When borrowing money, there are certain things you must know. Below are some considered to be on top of the list:

What will you be paying back?

The total cost of the loan comprises the loan amount and the interest rate which may or may not be fixed. Every month you will be required to pay back a certain amount according to the terms of the loan.

APR on loans

APR, an acronym for Annual Percentage Rate, refers to the total annual percentage cost of borrowing a loan. In practical lending terms, it is the raw interest rate and does not take compounding interest into consideration. Although many lenders openly declare their APRs, this rate is not fixed. It’s usually adjusted to reflect how much lending risk the lender considers the borrower to be.

Compound Interest on Loans

This simply put is interest paid on interest. It’s the interest on a loan calculated as the initial principal plus accumulated interests from previous periods. When paid on time, the total cost of a loan with simple interest and another with compound interest is exactly the same. However, the compounding effect makes a big difference when you fail to pay back for too long.

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Get a £5000 Loan Faster and Easier Now

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Get a £5000 Loan Faster and Easier Now