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Jennymount Business Park, The Lanyon Building, Belfast BT15 3HN, United Kingdom

    Aperture Reviews


    jeremy hardy

    i paid mine off completely in september 2019, still dont have completion and they also tell me it will take 28 days to refund money owed to me, this is atrocious they can do it in 5 minutes or less. telephone contact nigh on impossible , 40 minute wait followed by 30 minute dont touch with barge pole. finally after threatening them with ombudsman, got completion which was finished 5 months ago, am now going to ombudsman because companies refuse to remove data off credit report and still no refund.


    Tracey Thomas

    Firstly my account was transferred to these people by DFD.For over a year it was practically impossible to get hold of them.As a result of their delay I am now in this arrangement two years longer than I needed to beHow much of the monies they collect actually goes to creditorsThe FSA and Financial Ombudsman need to take a close look and investigate this organisation in particular and many like it because the decieve many people when they're at their most vulnerableYou're better off going bankrupt, it'll be over in a year.Stay clear



    Finished my IVA a year ago. Still not finalised a year later. They've even asked for another annual review!Now been trying to contact them by various email addresses and every department by phone. Just automated answer phone and after waiting 15 - 20 minutes I get a recorded message and then hangs up.I would never ever use them again and certainly not recommend them. We want to get on with our lives and finances now but are actually concerned if that will ever be possible


    Cathryn Gittings

    Absolute rip off. My IVA was completed in February this year after I paid 97% of my ex es debt. They have now taken a further £30,000. Of my pension compensation. I have now paid £45000. For a £30000. Debt. Use these at your peril. Greedy and customer service is diabolical


    Charlotte Smith

    For the people in control of my debt I would have thought they had cared more. Threatened to block my number and the guy sounded like he couldn't care less for helping me. All I want is a termination. Extra annoyed since I didnt choose them in the first place,they bought my account. If your going to have mental health website link on your website make sure you give a damn.


    pat morgan

    Iva transfered to them and completed over 5 years ago, ppi money then paid to them 4 figure sum which just disappeared, can't get in touch to see where this money went and was told it would be divided 80/20 when taking out iva. Don't believe any went to creditors as case closed .email they give on correspondence does is not valid and if you manage to get through to them by phone they just pass you on to different departments with no answers.


    Hayley DALY

    This company were MEANT to be mine and my ex-husband's if! I only agreed to filing an IVA in June 2011 on the basis that my ex had just started his own taxi company in August 2010...Despite telling them that £309.00 pcm was too much for us to pay into an IVA, they told us that was what we HAD to pay, regardless. They bullied us day in, day out about payment. I really wish that I had said "NO" in the early days and stuck with using just CCCS (now StepChange). I told GT that we were advised by other Debt Charities that they would not expect us to pay such a huge monthly amount because of our situation, but GT's response was "if you were to pay half of the amount that you pay us for the IVA, then your debts would never be settled".When we had managed to pay the first 18 months' of the IVA (god knows how), my ex's taxi broke down and we were unable to meet the monthly IVA payments (which, by then, had been reduced to £288). We told GT the situation and their response was "ok, just pay us what you can for this month and the next two months, and we will then review it". There was no option to revert back to using CCCS or even having the IVA frozen for six months, or even cancelled out completely.In February 2013, they wrote to us to say that the IVA had failed due to non-payment and we were to consider bankruptcy. Needless to say, we were back to square one.I declared myself bankrupt in November 2014 and was successfully discharged from it in November 2015. I wish that I had done this back in June 2011 - and not paid GT a single penny.Interestingly, the creditors never received a penny from us via GT after the first 6 months. It had been swallowed up in GT's 'bordereaux' - which was a fancy name for their costs and advertising of our debt to the IS and the regional newspapers. We were under the impression that our creditors would have got something from us between December 2011 and February 2013, before it failed. What I want to know is this: from the Dec 2011 to the Feb 2013 period, what was the money spent on if some of it was never sent to the creditors as was promised and intended? The first six months of the payments had met their costs - why did the creditors not receive the remaining payments from Dec 2011 to Feb 2013.Another interesting point to make is this: they did not send a Notice of Failure to us at all, which they are meant to do so by law. This Notice is legally required by Credit Reference Agencies with which to add to reports. No wonder mine looks hideous!! I have an IVA and a Discharged Bankruptcy on mine - thanks to GT! The debts in the bankruptcy were carried over from the IVA, but the agencies will not remove it Failure Certficate has been issued by GT.I am going to make a complaint to the Ombudsman, the FCA and perhaps my local MP at some point because this company bleeds money for their own purposes, it seems.


    dave grint

    This company is a total rip off. I paid into an iva with these for 16 months at 500 per month only to find that hardly anything has been paid to my creditors. They don't answer e mails and failed to send me a statement of where my money had gone when I requested it. I am now in a worse situation than when I started with this iva and I'm about 8 grand missing. I would advise anyone to stay well clear. I have complained to the ombudsman and ask they be investigated.


    Kay Harrison

    Dreadful company! Do not respond to emails to customer service. Completed in March. Still awaiting completion certificate in August despite emails and calls. State 'normal' time us 3 - 6 months which is wrong! Should only be 2 - 3 months max. No communication. Tried to get another years payment after my last payment made and then offered me a 'loan' to repay. AVOID at all costs


    Alan Graham

    I was coming to the end of year 5 last September, Aperture had a third party firm contact me regarding releasing equity from my home to pay a Final Settlement figure, This was arranged and paid to Aperture at the beginning of September, since they took the money I have heard nothing from them what so ever, I have sent numerous emails and tried calling them, The automated service puts you in a waiting que for 30 mins then hangs up (every time)... I did get some mail from them this week 3rd of feb dated 15th November which was an annual report WHICH DID NOT include or mention the final settlement paid in September. This should have been closed by now and certificate issued........ just can’t get in touch with them... what now ?

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    • 1. How Can I Get In Touch With Aperture?

      Dial 0333 939 7920. You can submit contact form for further negotiation.
    • 3. What Loans Can Aperture Offer?

      Aperture provides services below:
      • payday loans
      Click here now to find more details from Aperture.
    • 5. Does Aperture Register as an Agency or a Lender?

      Aperture is a Financial institution which will accept all kinds of loans. Besides, you can try WeLoans which will match you with the best lenders for you to compare.
    • 7. Does Aperture Accept People with Bad Credit?

      Sure, feel free to contact them for more details before you make any decision. You can also turn to PaydayLoansUK for loans with bad credit online
    • 2. What's the Address of Aperture?

      Jennymount Business Park, The Lanyon Building, Belfast BT15 3HN, United Kingdom is the address of Aperture.
    • 4. What's the Procedure of Applying for a Loan at Aperture?

      You can follow on their website at any time you need loans. If you have a bad credit, you can get bad credit payday loans online from PaydayLoansUK.
    • 6. What if I Fail to Pay My Loan On Time?

      You need to contact your lender for negotiation before you commit a breach of contract if you can't clear the debt.

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