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4-8 Emerson St, London SE1 9DU, United Kingdom

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Alixandra Dreyer

they offer "Holidays" during the Covid19 crisis.. and go completely against the FCA Rules during the Covid pandemic.. They have threatened my husband and myself of marking negativity on our credit score during our "payment Holiday" if we didnt give them the FULL AMOUNT the second the Holiday was over..I checked our credit to see what was going on.. and they have already marked against us as "missed payments" even though the FCA said that it should not count against us if the company has agreed to the Holiday...I also think its disgusting to offer help and freeze the payments.. then expect the FULL amount the day the Holiday was over.. How is that helping???? Why would anyone agree to the "Holiday" of £200 a month... then after 6 months get a bill DEMANDING £1,200 AT ONCE or go against me on my credit...YOU'LL DEFINITELY BE HEARING SOME LEGAL ACTION SOON!! ...standBy


Orestes Rapadas

Great and wonderful thank you for helping us !!

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