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48 Market Pl, Chippenham SN15 3HU, United Kingdom

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Run by 2 gents a father an son an there both very nice an approachable guys. Used there services lots of times and have always been treated with dignity and and never made to feel bad in any way. Much much cheaper than payday loans. I use a gold item to borrow cash for a month usually. Thanks guys for a very helpful and professional service.


Helen Buckley

This outlet is run by a father and his adult son, both of whom are friendly, helpful and professional. Theyve grown up in the area, and know their business. They sell, buy, pawn and loan, with fair prices reflecting the current market values of metals and gems. If you need to raise cash, either short term or longer term; you will find that this company will take most of the sting out of brokering your valuables. If youre looking for high quality, genuinely marketed jewellery, watches and accessories, you will bag yourself a bargain here.


Bence Harag

A few years ago I've been there and didn't have the money on a jewellery that I wanted to buy for my ma as a thank you for always being there for me. The gentleman (I believe the father) helped me out and after a few weeks I was able to pay it out almost, but the gentleman was still extremely patient and helpful. He was the first person in England who helped me out by the goodness of his heart.My mum got the neklace with the medallion for her birthday, and she was shining with happyness.Thank you again, even if it was long ago.


Sarah Bridge

Not worth one star! Very bad service, was humiliated and was laughed at. Not been to one of these shops before and if this is how you get treated would not go back to one, especially this one!!

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