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1st Floor, 8 Hay Ln, Coventry CV1 5RF, United Kingdom


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    • Payday Loans
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    • Any Purpose Loans
    • Car Finance
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    • Credit Card
    • Debt Consolidation Loans
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    • Loans For People With Bad Credit
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    • Long Term Loans
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    Everyday Loans Coventry Reviews


    Ishwar Bhatti

    This was the first time I using this loan company in Coventry back in 2020. It didn't take too long to get all the paperwork done and contract signed. When I read the contract I didn't know that the interest was that high which was a bit of let down.Having to pay a lot more to pay back.When I went back to get another loan from them in December 2021. My experience was a little bit different like I had all my paperwork and statements on hand. But when I got there my experiences was different they took a while to get all the stuff ready. When I was waiting in the office rooms or vister waiting room. I got questioned by four or five ladies asking me personal questions which I felt like I've been questioned by the police or something. When I was waiting in the room I could hear all the ladies talking loud where the walls are thin and I felt like I didn't want to be there to treat in that way. I just wanted to leave and not come back after the experience I've dealt with on that day. As a bit out of line to waste my time to get all the stuff for them and to wait for an hour to find out I didn't get the loan and I'm glad I didn't get it after the experience I had.


    Noob Trader

    if you are considering using this company please don't. they are practically loan sharks and l wouldn't recommend anyone at all to use these guys. interest charged is enormous, customer service is poor. when you want to get a loan they will chase and provide you the nicest service ever but when you want to settle it that's another story, they want you to stay in the agreement for longer just so they can make more money of you. Take it from me, don't use these guys at all, stay away.


    Carron Morris

    VERY POOR SERVICEApplied for a loan and received a call from Coventry office to say they could help.They needed my financial paper work so being as i lived a bus & train journey away i photocopied my details and sent them over.They called again to say they could help me with a loan based on the information i had sent them and could i go over to sign the paper work,Once i arrived i was told they were just waiting for confirmation of one more thing (Knowing i had traveled all the way over) but not to worry i had been accepted and she would bring the paper work over to me the following day for me to sign and the cash would be credited into my account when really she could have phoned me prior to going over to tell me she hadn't got all the informationThe following day i had to call them twice, still no luck so phoned again the following day only to be told i was unsuccessful. I was lead to believe i was accepted for the loan, as if it hadn't been for me calling i would still be sitting here now waiting for her to call.VERY MISLEADING AND LACK OF COMMUNICATION...AVOID !!!!!


    Zdenek Lanik

    If you do need a loan it is a good place to get 1 as long as you know you can pay it off I got refused every where they were the once to offer me Loan which I took


    Danny Di'Niro

    Very friendly and polite, just a shame the interest rates are so high.


    Macus Teale

    This company will mess u around lie to you waste your time and petrol asked me to travel 20 mins for appointment just to cancel 2 minutes before the appointment start time and then continue to ignore when requesting the managers contact information. Shannon should be fire's she was rude and refused me a loan based off her own lies she made up about my claim . STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPNAY WOULDNT SUPRISE ME IF THEY TRY AND SCAM YOU.


    Donna Allred

    The whole team were very welcoming. My account manager, Shannon Hale, was very knowledgeable, explained everything well and was genuinely a nice person.


    Rommel Musico



    Paul Turner

    Very polite and thorough in explaining everything. Such a quick decision and not hassled into taking a loan there and then.


    walter monga

    Very good and very good customer service team.

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    • 1. How to Contact Everyday Loans Coventry?

      You Can Call 024 7623 1777. You can fill in contact form for further negotiation.
    • 3. What Services Does Everyday Loans Coventry Offer?

      Everyday Loans Coventry provides services as follows:
      • payday loans
      Click here now to find more details from Everyday Loans Coventry.
    • 5. Does Everyday Loans Coventry Register as an Agency or a Lender?

      Everyday Loans Coventry is a Loan agency that may accept all kinds of loans. Besides, you can try WeLoans which will match you with the best lenders for your reference.
    • 7. Does Everyday Loans Coventry Accept People with Low Credit Scores?

      Sure, please contact them for more details before you make any decision. You can also turn to PaydayLoansUK for a loan for bad credit online
    • 2. Where Can I Find out Everyday Loans Coventry?

      1st Floor, 8 Hay Ln, Coventry CV1 5RF, United Kingdom can be the location of Everyday Loans Coventry.
    • 4. How to Apply for a Loan at Everyday Loans Coventry?

      You can follow on their website whenever you want to take loans. If you have a bad credit, you can get a payday loan for bad credit online from PaydayLoansUK.
    • 6. What if I Fail to Pay My Loan On Time?

      You need to get in touch with your lender for negotiation in advance if you can't pay back the money.

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