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    Kensington Mortgages Reviews


    timothy ellis

    Do not get a mortgage with this company. Kensingtons have no interest in their customers. They made lots of mistakes on our account and try to hide their mistakes. When you contact them they have no interest in fixing things. If you are considering getting a mortgage with kensingtons mortgages then don't. it will be your biggest mistake


    Bethany Martin

    After looking through the reviews on Google for Kensington it seems so many people have been unhappy with their service or the company as a whole but for those looking and wanting some reassurance we haven't had any problems at all!We was offered our mortgage just after lockdown in May and moved into our house in September.Yes they do ask for a lot of information but I would be the same if I was lending someone hundreds of thousands of pounds! It’s also reassuring because they are ensuring that affordability can be met.I have only needed call once due to confusion on my monthly payment date and the staff member I spoke to was wonderful. She called me back when she said she would, she was clear and correct in her information and she took ownership and apologised for any inconvenience.We are on a high interest rate so that’s the only reason I would look to leave this company in a couple of years when our fixed period is ending.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Bethany, Thank you so much for taking time to share this feedback and we’re pleased you’ve had a good experience. We will pass on your comments to the team and wish you all the best in your new home. Thank you, Kensington.


    Charlie Waring

    If I could give 0 stars I would.Taken 3 months from application to offer despite their "25 day" turnaround claim on their website. Failed to check documents properly. unnecessary delays due to their inability to meet their own promised deadlines resulting in further documents being needed because they had taken so long to complete anything. Asking for a P60 3 months after application was beyond a joke and proved how incompetent they were that they took this long to realise they did not have this. Causing repeated undue stress to a mortgage application, increasing personal costs due to their incompetence. I was days away from losing my property due to their delays, despite letters from my solicitor with deadlines that needed to be met to prevent the sale falling through. Then failed to send mortgage documents to my Solicitor in a timely manner, again delaying the purchase further.If I had a choice I would not use this company and I will be looking to leave Kensington as soon as possible. I wish I had seen the many many negative reviews of them before now as they are all ringing true with my experience. I now suspect I will receive the same automated response from Kensington that all other reviews received.


    Zoe Parncutt

    AVOID KENSINGTON MORTGAGE COMPANY! No more than Thieves. The worst mortgage company I know. When they owe you money they play at being numb!! Hope they go bankrupt! Avoid Avoid Avoid!


    Steven French

    PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. I would STRONGLY recommend that you avoid this company. Honestly, hand on heart you would be wise to listen to this advice. Everything was pretty much signed and sealed on the BTL mortgage, even paid valuation fees and then they pulled the plug last minute with no explanation. Even the mortgage broker said they would not be using this company again such was the frustration at this outcome. I wish I had reviewed them prior to application.


    David Faulkner

    We went through Oli in Like Mortgage Advice and he got us a mortgage offer in one week with Kensington. Oli was fantastic, he knows the requirements and processes within Kensington so he gave us full advice on what documents we needed. We’re now in our new home and just called their customer services to confirm our first payment - they answered the phone in seconds! Compared to Bank of Ireland which took 40 minutes I was impressed! Thank you for our mortgage we are very grateful ⭐️

    Response from the owner

    Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback David, it’s really great to hear. We’ll pass your comments on to the team and we wish you years of happiness in your new home. Thank you, Kensington


    Audrey Muller

    Absolutely useless. I had an impeccable record with them and they still let me down on 2 houses taking months to make decisions. I lost the costs of surveys and even had to rent back my own house from the buyer as they took months moving at glacial speed then they didn’t like 2 houses we’d chosen. In the end I emigrated as they made us homeless as it was easier than staying in the UK with all the OTT rules and regulations. Do not go anywhere near these cowboys. At least I bought abroad without borrowing and have made 700% profit in 7 years. So glad We Dumped them.


    Miss Donna Grimaldi

    I’ve had an appalling time with Kensington Mortgages over the last 6 weeks, resulting in being about to lose the property which I was about to purchase, as well as £450 solicitors fees and £500 broker fees.My broker, G Collard, contacted Kensington and consulted at length before sending in my application. They were chosen due to their criteria of accepting a mortgage over 1 year’s salary. As my last tax return showed a higher amount, this was a good idea in my case.After an email asking for even more information, I was told that I was not eligible. This was due to my last 3 months’ income having gone down. Even the employee at Kensington said she wanted to complain as several others had been refused for the same reason. She felt that surely I had ticked all boxes as my tax return showed!I have then tried to get a mortgage with them by adding my partner to the mortgage. He is on a good income. Due to one discrepancy on his credit file, Kensington have refused us to apply together! This issue is an error in account which we have been trying to resolve but, due to a certain credit agency- Transunion- having such bad customer service, it may not be updated for up to 8 weeks. We are powerless to do anything more regarding this and I feel Kensington should be understanding of this and able to look into our case more personally.This is a company who advertise themselves as providing mortgages to those with adverse credit!Due to not being able to contact Kensington personally, as they only converse with brokers, it has been a frustrating, upsetting, expensive and distressing journey.I implore you to look again at my case, contact me and resolve this, otherwise I shall be contacting the FSA and ombudsman to look into this.


    awais sheikh

    Complete waste of time and money. Claim the property is too small according to their surveyor's report. However evidence has been provided from three separate sources stating the actual property size. However, this still isn't good enough for them.Already incurred costs and lost crucial time. AVOID!


    Widnes PO

    Not to bad.! bit hassle for documentations

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    • 1. How to Contact Kensington Mortgages?

      Dial 0800 111020. You can fill in contact form on their site.
    • 3. What Services Does Kensington Mortgages Offer?

      Kensington Mortgages provides services in the following:
      • payday loans
      Click here now to find more details from Kensington Mortgages.
    • 5. Does Kensington Mortgages Register as an Agency or a Lender?

      Kensington Mortgages is a Mortgage lender that may accept all kinds of loans. Besides, you can try WeLoans that can find you the best lenders for your reference.
    • 7. Does Kensington Mortgages Accept People with Bad Credit?

      Sure, feel free to contact them for more details before you make any decision. You can also turn to PaydayLoansUK for bad credit loans online
    • 2. Where Can I Find out Kensington Mortgages?

      Ascot House, Maidenhead office park, Maidenhead SL6 3QQ, United Kingdom is the location of Kensington Mortgages.
    • 4. How to Apply for a Loan at Kensington Mortgages?

      You can follow on their website if you want to get loans. If you have a bad credit, you can get bad credit payday loans online from PaydayLoansUK.
    • 6. What if I Can't Repay My Loan On Time?

      You need to get in touch with your lender for negotiation in advance if you can't clear the debt.

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