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Lantern 83 Bradford Road, Leeds LS28 6AT

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83 Bradford Rd, Stanningley, Pudsey LS28 6AT, United Kingdom


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    Lantern Reviews


    Joanna Humphreys

    Honestly quite surprised at the other reviews! Lantern took over two debts I was in. I was contacted via email to inform me and they were very clear with which debts they had taken on and how much I owed. It was easy to set up a payment plan online or make a settlement offer. Both debts cleared now and it was a very stress free experience.


    Sean Armstrong

    In October of last year this company emailed out of the blue saying that I owed money for a debt that I never took out with a lender by the name of SafeNet for the balance of £529 I began chasing things up and found that there was quite a lot of inconstancies with their claim for example the account where this loan was paid into was based in Chichester and wasn't mine there was a false email, telephone number on the application form and also someone put down that I was in employment when I wasn't I have proved documents both bank statements as well as work history to prove that I never took out this loan currently it is being investigated but I will not hold my breath as they seem convinced that this debt is mine! The customer service from this company is bad as I have had people telling me the same thing this debt is yours so you need to pay it back. If the investigation proves nothing I will seek out legal help as I do not see why I should pay someone else's debt


    Jonny Hall

    They emailed me and sent me a letter saying I owed debtThey have taken my name, email address, postal address and DOB to pass security this was over a month ago via email.Still waiting for an answer to my question, who is the debt owed to??I think this company lies about debt to collect peoples data and to try make them pay money for debts that dont exist.Very concerning.


    Matthew Sewell

    Horrible people. They keep sending me emails for debts i paid off years ago saying they've took over the debt and I need to pay them. Absolute scam artists. They need reporting.


    Adam Fellows

    Emailed me for an alleged debt that was actually statute barred, and had been for over 3 yearsAbsolute charlatansWill be reporting to the ombudsmen and relevant bodies


    D T

    Completed IVA but Lantern still showing as outstanding on all credit files. Won't respond to any emails. Called and told to just email evidence of completion, i do this and get no reply. Debt has now even settled for 3 months but still showing as outstanding


    Steve Roberts

    They Rang me saying I owe a debt but wouldn’t say who for. I had to send them an email of my account of the last debt I had 3+ years ago to show any debts I had was paid off. They still ring an email about “a debt”. They then showed up on my credit, I’m now contacting a solicitor to investigate them. They are rogue and are buying information to collect non-debts.


    Stacey Bailey

    Just a friendly advise if you send notice to royal mail to return all letters to sender then you won't be harassed


    richard sharp

    Sent me an email saying I owed them £633, having never heard of them I googled and so many people saying they're a scam. So I was cautious. After emailing them demanding more info they said they were collecting on behalf of a loan company I took a loan out with 6 years ago. So I called that loan company and they confirmed they sold my debt to lantern. No point arguing, I stopped paying at some point so had to make up for it. Called lantern and the woman was very professional, even had a laugh. Suggested what they wanted me to pay, told them that wouldnt work, and let me decide on the amount I would pay and when. I'm not saying they don't scam people, just I've had a fairly pleasant experience. Though it is early days, so will see how they act going forward.


    Becki nellie

    Chasing me for a debt not in my name refuse to show me any proof of where the loan was apparently made to and from, demanding payment.

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    • 1. How Can I Get In Touch With Lantern?

      Dial 0113 887 6876. You can submit contact form on their site.
    • 3. What Services Does Lantern Offer?

      Lantern provides services as follows:
      • payday loans
      Click here to find more details from Lantern.
    • 5. Does Lantern Work as an Agency or a Lender?

      Lantern is a Financial consultant open for all kinds of loans. Besides, you can try WeLoans that can find you the best lenders for your reference.
    • 7. Does Lantern Accept People with Bad Credit?

      Sure, please contact them for more details before you get a loan. You can also turn to PaydayLoansUK for bad credit loans online
    • 2. What's the Address of Lantern?

      83 Bradford Rd, Stanningley, Pudsey LS28 6AT, United Kingdom is the address of Lantern.
    • 4. How to Get a Loan at Lantern?

      You can apply on their website if you want to get loans. If you have a bad credit, you can get payday loans for bad credit online from PaydayLoansUK.
    • 6. What if I Fail to Pay My Loan On Time?

      You need to contact your lender for negotiation in advance if you can't repay the debt.

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