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James Shaw

Horrible bullies that take advantage of people in desperate situations, if you make a payment plan, and pay successfully, they will still hound you weekly with texts messages, and threaten you with final notices.I was furloughed and unfortunately used these, while I am back working now during my time off, there was no freeze or anything against interest rates/charges etc. they just kept adding them on and adding them on through our corona pandemic and now I am at a point where the loan is now higher than what it originally was.Stay clear of these scammers, how they was able to get on the FCA I will never know, but they obviously need removing asap and the gov need to intervene!!!


Michael Gregson

Absolutely useless in my opinion and a total waste of time


Francis Duggan

Interest rates are an absolute rip off and designed to take advantage of desperate people. You borrow 250 you have to repay over 1000 pound back avoid this company at all costs. When you leave a review they will reply saying we'll the interest rates on on our website, but do not apply for This loan. Avoid at all costs there is much cheaper and better loan companies out there. Loans 2 go is there for one purpose and one purpose only to take advantage of desperate people in need of money and if you borrow 250 the interest on that is 800 quid. Avoid at all costs do not mske the same mistake I made!!!

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