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Delaware Dr, Milton Keynes MK15 8BA, United Kingdom

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    I've never had such a negative experience in leasing a car in my life. The worst part of it was that the company they used to collect the car had actually somehow bumped it on the way back from collection and then had the audacity to charge me for it! Luckily you could tell from the photos of before and after that this was not damage that was already there beforehand. But then when other things started to look wrong with the invoice in terms of the damage and also the second key not being handed in by the collection company, they would not take my word for the m and continued to blame me despite the collection company already lying about the damage they had done to the car themselves! Awful service, which will not be recommended or repeated despite us leasing a Mercedes Benz car every 3 years. We have now moved to another brand of car where the customer service so far has been so much better!


    Glen Smith

    AVOID MERCEDES BENZ FINANCIAL LIKE THE PLAQUE!! Worst finance company that I have had the displeasure to deal with, I purchased a Mercedes S Class from a main dealer in mid November 2019 and done the finance through them, fast forward 4 months and a global pandemic happened everyone’s lives were put on hold and employment and salaries effected. I contacted MBF and told them I couldn’t afford the car due to my circumstances so my only option was to do a voluntary termination off my agreement and gave them the car back, they took me to court for the balance of the finance agreement as I took it over 4 years on the court date I made an offer of a monthly payment that I could afford but they were not interested in the slightest and said no and now they have pursued court papers and put an inhibiton order on my family home which is the lowest of the lowest absolute disgrace of a company and I am sure I am not the only person Mercedes Benz Financial have done this too due to their circumstances changing due to the impact of COVID 19 happening. They made it out is it was my fault but how was I supposed to know 4 months after purchasing a car via them that a global pandemic would have happened?? I ain’t no fortune teller if I could rate less that 1 star I wish I could!!!!!


    David Locke

    £27,000 is what I paid for the lease of my Eclass over 4 years. Car had many niggly problems but nothing major however I had two poor experianices with the dealer - left there one day and the bonnet flew up! I was contacted in December for it to be collected - they said that they did not have anyone to collect it on the 4th Jan so needed to collect it 3 weeks early! I said that this was not accpetable as i needed the vehicle over Christamas. They I sugested that if they could not fit it in then perhaps the 5th Jan? They said that this was not possible but that they could collect it on the 7th - but then would have to charge me overrun fees!! Once collected they tried to charge me (and eventually did) for a service book that does not exist on an Eclass as its digital - I tried to argue the point but it was not understood. The delivery note from 4 years ago had a tick in the service book box obviously by mistake. Gave up in the end £115 for something that does not exist! They then with milimetre precision pulled apart scuffs on the wheels. On a 4 year car the odd scuffs are normally acceptable - but they were so unforgiving. The car was taken back with expeptionally low mileage and in tip top condition, I felt that they were very unforgiving and nothing like the last eclass I had. I even went to the dealer to purchase a new EQS, I was treated in the most unprofessional manner, 100k car and didn't even get a call back! Will not be buying another Merc - The entire process, from delivery, service and handback was abysmal


    Raul Andrei

    This company is full of inefficient and dodgy workers starting from Nina Smith who sent non acredited company ACE to evaluate your car in my case the car was first registered exactly in the area where ACE office is.. strange..don’t let them to check your car.And a delay of 2 months for a simple resolution.In her vision a used car must have 3 colors as you can see in the photo😂 Who had issue with them and any Mercedes dealer should start a court action and make them to pay for their rubbish services. Everyone who bought a used car from Mercedes-Benz should check paint ,body parts of their cars.Think many times before chose them!


    Julie Harris

    Appalling service, 5 phone calls totalling over 3 hours including waiting to be told to sort the problem with the dealership or MBF will send debt collectors on June 9th.The problem being MBF are trying to charge me over £500 too much for the return of my lease car.It took them 4 weeks from me returning the vehicle to assess it and send me a bill for alleged damage and a lost key.The lost key was paid for on the day of return but this has never been deducted, there were 3 scuffed alloys which I acknowledged but they are trying to charge for 4 and they have sent 2 different documents showing widely different pricing for this damage.I had the car valeted before return and there were no scratches but in the month they had it before they assessed and sent a report apparently 2 appeared which they are trying to charge for..where was the car for this month?I have asked repeatedly for an up to date bill with the key etc deducted but nothing has come.Final straw 3weeks ago when they produced a document that I apparently signed upon return of the vehicle when it was checked in my presence , unfortunately it shows a time 5 hours after I left, the date is about 3 weeks too early and it’s not my signature. When confronted with this 3 weeks ago they would be in touch within 5 days….I heard nothing until I phoned them again yesterday to basically be told sort it with the dealership by June 9th or we send debt collectors. Absolutely pathetic. Worse still they are still happy to take my money for my present lease but this will be my last MB. They treat people disgustingly.


    zoe murray

    NEVER EVER will i be using or recommending Mercedes Benz finance to anyone. Having purchased a Mercedes Benz GLA last September 2021 only for us to notice that the car had a fault to which this was reported immediately. The car has currently been back at the garage for 14 weeks with no date to which it will be fixed, as the part it needs has to be road tested in Germany first. We was told to carry on making our monthly payments as we have a contract to fulfil with Mercedes Benz Finance and we would be refunded at a later date for the whole time we was without the car. Also might I add that the staff at Mercedes resolutions are not at all accommodating and very patronising (James Ward). However now we have rejected the car due to it having no fix date available which could potentially be up to another 8 months. We have paid out £1275.00 in payments only to be offered £127.50 which is 10% of what we have paid. The car was faulty from day one and was never fit for the purpose it was purchased for, so with this in hand we are now taking legal advice and will also be contacting financial ombudsman. Would be giving 0 stars if I had the option.


    john seven

    This was my response letter to Mercedes benz finance after wining my case against them with the ombudsman. They are truly an awful company and they should be avoided at all costs.Good afternoon,Thank you for email. I was hoping that I would not have to resort to bringing Mercedes Benz finance in front of the ombudsman to resolve this issue but unfortunately you left me with no choice.For the record no dents were recorded on the first inspection before the car was driven 85 miles for a second inspection. Originally you attempted to charge me for two dents, one on the bonnet and one on the quarter panel. Surprisingly after I had informed you that I had photographic evidence showing that no dents were present you respectfully removed the charge for the mythical dent on the quarter panel.The de-fleet team to their credit did attempt to credit the alleged bonnet dent but head office refused citing a low-quality image of what they called a dent on the bonnet. This dent was also referred to by one of your representatives as “very evident” but not evident enough to have been recorded in the first inspection it seems. I then submitted many high-resolution images supporting my claim that no dent was present, these were all ignored in your pursuit of claiming money back from a customer. I did find it amusing that I was charged an extra monthly amount because I had taken advantage of the payment holiday and the reason given for this charge was that having the car for longer would reduce its value, amazingly when I highlighted that I had returned the car with 26,000 of unused miles suddenly this would not influence the value of the car. (Estimated to be worth £3,500 on the resale price)Overall, the customer service apart from the de-fleet team has been very poor and unreasonable. It seems you’re only goal is to extort as much money out of customers as possible and not once did you ever consider waiving this charge as a gesture of good will to the customer on what was a very contentious claim on your behalf in the first place.Originally, I choose Mercedes Benz finance as I thought it would be a reputable and fair company but alas this was not to be the case which was very disappointing. I only hope that you can review this case and learn that customer services come first and not the pursuit of extorting money out of your customers.RegardsJohn


    John Currie

    AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS - they will try and rip you off and twist their return standards to charge you extortionate costs for what any fair minded person would consider fair wear and tear - i.e. £260 for a 1 mm bumper scuff!! (loads of examples of this in the comments below as well!). Rather than help resolve complaints they just hold their stubborn position to try and squeeze as much money out of their customers as possible and would rather drag a customer through the ombudsman process than come to an amicable resolution. Horrible experience and I will never drive another Mercedes again as a result - I strongly advise that no one else does either!


    Neil Martin

    I am outraged by the blatantly ignorant attitude taken by the complaints team. I find falsely claiming COVID restrictions prevented alleged minor damage to a vehicle being returned to be reported at the time of the visit by a representative to our house is repugnant. We returned the vehicle in excellent condition and Mercedes want to abuse us demanding £975 from us and the veiled threat of debt collectors. The representative who visited our home was happy to talk about a cup of tea, the weather and where the nearest petrol station and said the car was fine but somehow wasn't able to tell us there about this non-existent damage due to COVID. Why should your complaints team treat us in a way that suggests either they don't care about customer service or think customers are stupid. Numerous rational emails have been dealt with in a contemptuous way. We asked to escalate our complaint but they refuse. I would appreciate a senior manager picking this up.


    Patrick Doughty

    This organisation is programmed to say no, and then fit the facts around the situation. They don't read correspondence or listen to your concerns, hiding behind small print and never speaking with you direct. My car has been off the road for 32 days now for a warranty repair, yet they are still collecting the money under the Finance hire agreement, but not delivering the services, and ignoring all communications. The don't operate to the FCA "Treating Customer Fairly" Guidelines. Avoid at all costs if you want a happy finance experience. Mercedes Cars aren't too good either, 32 days and still not repaired. Stock answer of MB Finance is to refer you to the Financial Ombudsman, I guess, hoping that you won't bother and will just go away. Appalling service and care for customers.

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      Delaware Dr, Milton Keynes MK15 8BA, United Kingdom can be the location of Mercedes-Benz Finance.
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