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421 High St, Chatham ME4 4NU, United Kingdom

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Right Cash (Previously Recycle) Reviews


Sue Salton

Dreadful service I purchased through Amazon and was sent a second hand item, when I questioned this and sent proof of the order and their invoice neither of which stated second hand, I was told I was wrong, this is complete mis representation, I tried to resolve this over the phone and by email directly with the company and had to deal with a very aggressive staff member. We would not recommend this company in any way. I have reported them to Amazon and Amazon have agreed that this was advertised as new not second hand and they are now taking further action to prevent this from happening again. This is the benefit of buying through Amazon when things go wrong you are protected from companies like this.

Response from the owner

I believe you have the wrong company. We do not sell on Amazon.


Jane Hitchcock

Staff friendly and helpful. Answered all my questions and provided me with what I needed. I've paid items off weekly. Highly recommend.

Response from the owner

Thanks for your kind comments :)


Jon Ellis

Excellent, prompt friendly service. I needed a new computer screen fairly urgently and they were able to provide one. Thank you

Response from the owner

Thanks for your kinds comments :)


Ewelina Trepto

Very nice and helpful staff...always polite and quick service. Never let me down. Whoever work there deserves to be treat the same, with respect and politeness.

Response from the owner

Thanks for your kind comments :)


Matt Martin

Great little second hand/loan store with lots of useful computers parts n spares.

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