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    Piers Connolly

    had to ask to pay £100 for one month instead of £181 and this was agreed during a telephone chat as I had covid and had to isolate for 11 days with only SSP being paid to me.Gentleman on the phone was extremely rude claiming that there must be something else going on!would recommend staying away from this company


    Jake Rose

    Told me I would be expected for other short loan then said after I did all the paper work and was gonna transfer it they said your not allowed it but had one last year like 🤥🤨😴


    Charlie Farnsbarns

    Presumably all the 1 stars reviews and slagging off here comes from people who were declined a loan, probably for a good reason. My credit is not perfect by any means but Savvy were able to help me out and were nothing but polite and helpful when I spoke to them. High interest but that's how things have to be when banks won't help.


    John S

    Signed me up to through a hidden checkbox in the application. Woke up to £27.85 taken from my card - I didn’t even accept their loan.


    David Davies

    Absolutely shocking company, perfect payment record for over a year. 1 payment 2 days late and had 8-10 calls a day, endless emails and calls to my work Absolute hounds - stay away


    Molly Hussey

    Can only imagine any positive review is fake. Absolute joke of a service. The staff you talk to are rude and completely inadequate to be classed as customer care or deal with peoples details and money issues. I was unfortunately affected by Covid... I was ignored when trying to prove this via email and calls were hung up on me, not forgetting the fact who ever I spoke to sounded like I'd interrupted there spliff and they were personally hurt by me talking like a nice polite normal person... although I received more than 5 calls per day in regards to the late payments (Sure company's can only make 3), communication?? Anyway they took 2 payments out of my bank tallying up to £500 when I only borrowed £300 and that had been covered (Only owed interest at this point) and the website had said only once my payment had failed. Luckily I checked. If you are having issues don't take it, complain as this is not normal.


    Stuart Wev

    Poor at best. No problems sending the money over, but staff are awful, no decency or respect for people in our situation. Rude blunt cold. Girl on the phone spoke to me like she was distgusted in me. Savvy are there for high intrest profitt not to provide a service.


    Mandy Busby

    Had financial problems due to health conditions, contacted Savvy regarding payments, no damn consideration from customer help in fact got threatening emails and unlimited harrassment calls, i made a well above agreed payment but they still threatening so i advice everyone DO NOT TAKE LOANS FROM THIS SHARK, i have been onto citizens advice and reported them to FCA as they are breaking all rules.


    Lisa Jackson

    I was planning my wedding and found myself short of £1800 just a few months before the date we had set. Savvy gave a great customer service and helped me to understand the whole process, my loan was approved quickly and it was in my bank account the same day. Would highly reccomend, it helped to make my big day as special as possible!


    Harry Atkins

    Approved my loan for £2000 last month when other lenders had turned me down. Easy online application and got access to an online account where I can manage my loan. Had to change my payment date by a few days recently and the staff were really helpful and understanding.

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