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    United Trust Bank Reviews


    Diane Henly

    With help from Alex and the lady with the lovely accent - I have managed to get my online account open. They could not have been more helpful. Great service and a good interest rate. Thanks!


    Dan Hamman

    I had the misfortune of dealing with UTB for development finance. I have dealt with a number of other lenders before and since. Never have I seen such greed from an institution. Avoid this bank at all costs.

    Response from the owner

    We were sorry to receive your comment but we have checked and we could not find a record of you being a customer or having made a complaint. Please feel free to contact us on [email protected] if you would like to discuss this further.Thank you


    Gemma Lindop

    Louisa and Stevie have both been amazing, it was pretty stressful with delays from the surveyor but they made it a lot easier to keep the keep the client calm etc.We managed to get the application completed in 20 days with a full valuation and just 2 days after receipt of the valuation report!! Great work :)

    Response from the owner

    Hi GemmaThanks for your review. Glad to have been of service and look forward to helping again soon.


    Michael Currey

    great customer service and impressed with the savings rate versus high-street banks. New account opened within 5 minutes. Would recommend.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks for the 5* review. We're always pleased to be of service.


    luke egan

    Just completed a £500,000 bridging loan with UTB and it couldn't have gone better, James O'Boyle was superb and Owen Bentley helped us out also, pleasure to do business with


    Shirley Gale

    I took out a three year bond for my partner whohad Alzheimer’s disease. I had LPOA. On the24th July, last year, 2021, he died. On the 9th August , I confirmed by letter, that he had died and enclosed a copy of his Death Certificate.I received no acknowledgment and, despite my request, the Death Certificate was not returned.On the 30th December 2021, I forwarded them the “Grant of Probate Certificate” instructing them to transfer the Bond into my name. HeardNOTHING! On the 25th January, I rang and spoke to “Jack”. He stated UTB had not received the Certificate. I then sent off another Certificate that day, registered post. AGAIN NOTHING. Have rung this morning and spoke to “Amy”. She had to search to find out that they had received the Certificate on the 26th. “Why has no one contacted me”? She could not give a reason and I said I wished to raise a complaint.She said a Manager would ring me back straightaway. 1.5 hours later NOTHING.AFTER THE LOSS OF YOUR PARTNER, YOU WOULD HOPE THAT THEY WOULD DEAL WITH THIS MATTER SENSITIVELY, WITH COMPASSION. Disgusting behaviour. If I do not receive a phone call before close of business today, I will be contacting the media concerning this Bank’s ethics.I would add that all the other Banks I have had to deal with, responded immediately and any monies due were deposited in my Bank forthwith.UPDATE: The Bank have spoken with me twice today and all my concerns resolved. I am confident that I will have no further negative issues with them.UPDATE:

    Response from the owner

    We’re very sorry to hear of your poor experience with us on this occasion We take customer service extremely seriously and are disappointed we’ve fallen short, especially with such a sensitive issue. We have now spoken to you twice today, have investigated what has happened and issued a letter in response. Our apologies once again.


    AC R

    SLOW! Appallingly slow. First Mortgage agreed March. Finalised in August. Dreadful manual process where every piece of paperwork must be scrutinised, checked and rechecked. Expect weeks between enquiries and that’s after you get the broker to move.They’re quite amateurish and when you do finalise the the mortgage all you get is half an A4 letter with amount you owe and timescale. That’s it.We’ll leave them in 22 months and put it down to experience but a real cold, strange bank.


    jodi erdman

    I had a very urgent big bridge that needed to complete by Friday 17th December.From start to finish UTB were great, they understood why we had to go so quick and did more than they should have to get this complete a day early too.Massive thanks to Dawn & Sukdev at UTB for going over and above, i wish all my cases came to you.Also thanks to Kira at the beginning for turning the terms round so quick.Massive thanks againxxxxxx

    Response from the owner

    Thanks for the good feedback. Always welcome.


    conrad kriel

    Dear god , avoid these people AT ALL COSTS!!!I have dealt with them on 2 occasions and both were the most torturous experiences I have EVER had.First one : self build application (broker)We had :- A 50% deposit ,- 999 credit rating (perfect credit )- Zero personal or company debt- self employed for 14 years with Excellent company profitsCouldn’t get finance approved for a LTV of 50% ! - ( Despite the fact that we had all of the above , a 50% deposit and loads of affordability! )SECOND ONE : second charge mortgage -done through a brokerSame situation as above BUT we had done an extensive renovation on our home and in the process created a significant chunk of equityWe were looking for 15% of the available equity , so we could roll the unsecured debt, (created for the renovation) , into the house.After two months of non stop requests for information , we finally got to the point where UTB sent us a link to their app , to do security checks, before the offer.We sent the required security documents and then asked for more information!!!! Information that was not relevant !!!I cannot stress enough that UTB are the worst finance company I have EVER dealt with (and I work in finance)They will ask you for SOOOOOO much information and waste SOOOOOO much of your time. I wish I had read the Google reviews BEFORE I allowed the brokers , to deal with these clowns.Three separate brokers have strongly recommended UTB and I can’t now only assume, it’s because they pay higher commissions to the Brokers.DO NOT waste you time and energy. I You will regret going down the UTB rabbit hole and I implore you to try someone else. DO NOT let the broker sweet talk you!!!!Remember : I had :- a 50% deposit- 999 credit profile- Not a single missed payment or Ccj in 26 years.- A successful small company which has been around for 14 years.-Loads of affordabilityYet we finally killed the application as after two months of sending information, I had enough.STAY AWAY , STAY AWAY , STAY AWAY. Try someone else - You will thank me!!


    Phil W

    An absolute shower. Was met with never ending repeated demands for duplicated information. Despite an asset based deal with in excess of £800k security (based on their figures) for a £250k facility, UTB proved to be nothing other than a money and time wasting experience. Cost me in excess of £1000 - for absolutely nothing.In the end one of the properties sold and completed in very short order and my solicitor took great delight in telling UTB’s lawyer “to do one”.Nothing but delaying tactics and pure intransigence.If I could give less than one star, I would. Avoid at all costs.

    Response from the owner

    Hi PhilThank you for taking the time to talk to us on Friday. Following your feedback, we have begun a full review of the case and we will speak to you again once our review is complete.Thank you

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    • 1. How to Contact United Trust Bank?

      Dial 020 7190 5555. You can submit contact form for further negotiation.
    • 3. What Does United Trust Bank Offer?

      United Trust Bank provides services as follows:
      • payday loans
      Click here now to find more details from United Trust Bank.
    • 5. Does United Trust Bank Work as an Agency or a Lender?

      United Trust Bank is a Bank which will accept all kinds of loans. Besides, you can try WeLoans that will help you find the best lenders for you to compare.
    • 7. Does United Trust Bank Accept People with Low Credit Scores?

      Sure, please contact them for more details before you move forward. You can also turn to PaydayLoansUK for a loan for bad credit online
    • 2. What's the Location of United Trust Bank?

      1 Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9AW, United Kingdom may be the location of United Trust Bank.
    • 4. What's the Procedure of Applying for a Loan at United Trust Bank?

      You can follow on their website if you want to get loans. If you have a bad credit, you can get a bad credit payday loan online from PaydayLoansUK.
    • 6. What if I Can't Repay My Loan On Time?

      You need to contact your lender for negotiation in advance if you can't pay back the money.

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