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Riverleen House, Electric Ave, Nottingham NG2 1RU, United Kingdom

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  • Telemarketing
  • Account Services
  • Business Assist
  • Business Reports
  • Car Finance
  • Car Insurance
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Credit Checks
  • Credit Reports
  • Customer Services Support
  • Data Enhancement
  • Fraud Checks
  • Identity Checking
  • Identity Protection
  • Identity Verification
  • Investor Relations
  • Marketing Services
  • Payday Loans
  • Personal Loans

Experian Reviews


Darren Evans

This was not good the stuff can't help and you can only set up one account so if you've deleted or forgotten your password then you won't be able to set a new one up if I could give a zero star I would not helpful at all worse experience do not bother ringing them unless you want to waste you time



Praying on the vulnerable; taking payment details, providing a 'free' trial, then not reminding them it's up so a CONSTANT charge is made until you notice. Vile.


Andy Docherty

Great company to work for and the services they provide


Paul Mac

This review will make no difference to this company. Not only is their data inaccurate, they way they "handle" complaints is abysmal. I was lied to by one of their "people" and despite complaining, they only refer to "policy this and policy that" WHY should consumers put up with this - detrimental, inaccurate, out of date data that penalises individuals with NO rationale behind any of it. Scores "drop" for no reason, lenders see your scores (that this company told me they didn't - LIE!!) GREEDY, ARROGANT ridiculous company in my experience that don't care about customers at all. If I had my way I would like all "customers" to vote with their feet and leave their services. My score went from 999 excellent to average because the data they have is incorrect!! So I boosted my score and cleared one of only 3 accounts off, and guess what!! it DROPPED AGAIN! ABSOLUTE BS in my opinion. They are a JOKE and no company should have a hold on individuals like us in this way. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY AR DOING TO YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE??? I would check if I were you!


Muhammad Nouman Saeed

My work place and I love working here :-)


Shual Ahmed

Car parking is hit and miss. Use park and ride

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