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Positive House, 1 GP Centre, Yeoman Road, Ringwood BH24 3FF, United Kingdom


    • Home Purchasing Assistance
    • Mortgage Loan Application Assistance
    • Mortgage Loan Shopping Assistance
    • Mortgage Refinancing Assistance
    • Property Closing Assistance
    • Auction Purchases
    • Bridging Finance
    • Bridging Loans
    • Business Lending
    • Business Loan Broker
    • Buy To Let Loan
    • Buy To Let Mortgages
    • Commercial Finance
    • Commercial Lending
    • Commercial Loans
    • Commercial Mortgages
    • Complex Mortgage
    • Debt Management
    • Development Finance
    • Development Loan

    Positive Lending Reviews


    Andrew Verdigi

    Martin was very friendly, helpful and knew what he was talking about regarding bridging loan. Explained it to me very clearly as I didn't know much about them. Never put me under any pressure to take the loan. Would recommend them.


    gaurav ladhar

    Great service all round , working with a packager can be difficult sometimes but the team at Positive lending have been amazing James Oldham, Dawn and others 👏.3 deals done since January 2021...many more to hopefully. Complex made easy!


    Luke Mason

    Not the most positive of experiences. Staff read accounts completely wrong, implied I was lying and instead of addressing it to me, tried to package the deal differently with the lender which was completely unnecessary. In the end got a further advance from the bank much quicker and without any of the above issues.


    Scott Ingram

    My broker was using these to submit a mortgage application with Kensington. They told my broker if the paperwork was with them by 25th March the product would still be honoured and application processed. PL even took the £295 application fee payment. They told my broker yesterday the product has now been withdrawn, Kensington had even left there mark on my credit file. Cant contact PL direct as they will only speak to the broker direct and the last time i contacted them direct they were not vwry happy. Feel very let down.


    Scott Ingram

    Very poor service. Told my broker to submit a Kensington mortgage application to them by a certain date and the product would be available. Took the £295 payment, 3 days later the product has been pulled.


    Zara Brindley

    Excellent broker and partner highly recommended

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    • 1. How to Contact Positive Lending?

      You Can Call 01202 850830. You can complete contact form for further negotiation.
    • 3. What Does Positive Lending Offer?

      Positive Lending provides services as follows:
      • payday loans
      Click here to find more details from Positive Lending.
    • 5. Does Positive Lending Work as an Agency or a Lender?

      Positive Lending is a Mortgage broker which will accept all kinds of loans. Besides, you can try WeLoans which can connect you with the best lenders for you to compare.
    • 7. Does Positive Lending Accept People with Low Credit Scores?

      Sure, feel free to contact them for more details before you borrow money. You can also turn to PaydayLoansUK for a bad credit loan online
    • 2. Where Can I Find out Positive Lending?

      Positive House, 1 GP Centre, Yeoman Road, Ringwood BH24 3FF, United Kingdom can be the location of Positive Lending.
    • 4. How to Apply for a Loan at Positive Lending?

      You can apply on their website as long as you need loans. If you have a bad credit, you can get a bad credit payday loan online from PaydayLoansUK.
    • 6. What if I Fail to Pay My Loan On Time?

      You need to talk with your lender for negotiation in advance if you can't pay back the money.

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