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Ramsdens 3 Kirkgate Centre, Queensbury BD1 1QU

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01274 309591

3 Godwin Mall Kirkgate Centre Kirkgate Centre, Bradford BD1 1QU, United Kingdom

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  • Money Transfers
  • Cheque Cashing
  • Financial Services
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Gold Buying
  • Home Loans
  • Log Book Loans
  • Luxury Watches
  • Pawnbroking Loans
  • Travel Card
  • Travel Money

Ramsdens Reviews


Open Minded

The two staff ignored me and my son to have their little conversation which must have lasted almost 3/4 minute . So little courtesy or respect towards potential customers. I don't know whether the disrespectful behaviour was because we are asians but when the chubby staff bothered to ask me what I wanted, then he decided WITHOUT acid testing my 22ct gold to call it 18ct gold and gave me a fabled price. I took my gold to Hinds, which is downstairs and I got hella more respectful and attentive service and more for my gold, and would have gotten twice the amount than what Ramsdens had quoted had I taken the Hinds voucher to spend my exchanged gold money in their store. I advise others to take the gold they wish to exchange to Hinds on ground floor Kirkgate and not waste their time or trust on Ramsdens and their rude staff who will pull fast ones if given half the chance .


Killerwebs Web Design (Killerwebs)

Leaving 1 star because you can not leave a lower one - False advertising be careful when looking at the window display the prices are higher when you try to make a purchase ?!?!?!


Yasmin Hussain

Very good rates after searching had what i needed in stock thank u nice and polite service


Shelley Holloway

The young shop assistant was absoloutely lovely and tried very hard to help. Her manager however is a stuck up arrogant b***h who has no customer skills wotsoever. It says on the website they will do anything to try help. THEY DONT!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS


Margaret Price

Very friendly staff and best exchange rates we have come across. We use them all the time and recommend them to friends.

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