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Vanquis Bank Reviews


William Clarke

Horrible credit card company and very expensive, on ywo occasions they took monthly sees from my balance putting me overdrawn for minutes until I transfered funds to the account only to be charged £12 each time. Despite complaining the ombudsman they still did not refund. I p[aid off the balance and they wrote a letter telling me how caring they was to which I made several comments to thier statements then today a woman phoned me and actually asked for my password. NEVER TRUST THEM


Ken Hewson

Its true you never know how a company performs until you have a problem.This company does not there customer service is none existent customer relations inconsistent have only been dealing with problem for 6 months and getting nowhere no stars


A. arrman

they are not bank or they lone shark and look like bank ,due to the the covet 19 i miss one payment and they call and call every day . after i explain why DO NOT use them if you don't have too


Mary Middlemas

Cannot speak to an advisor has the same automated message for ever number you call disgusting service


Mohammed Ali

hi ive passed my vanguis card am waiting for my card..


Aaron Haynes

AVOID, AVOID AVOID!!! My wife waited 4 weeks. She sent private and confidential information from her bank over that they requested just for it to be returned. She called back and they said it got sent to the wrong department abd advised paying to get it sent recorded delivery. So she did just that. They advised once theyve received it, it can take up to 3 weeks for a decision and another 2 weeks to send the card. The weeks past and we still heard nothing back. They said she will receive an email with a decision and still heard nothing back. She called up to find out what's going on, only to be told without any reason as to why that the application had been declined. They also refused to send back the documents with her private and confidential information on it. The advert on the tv is an outright lie. The longest drawn out progress for a 'no' we've ever experienced.


julian ward

You were the only Bank to offer me credit several years ago and help me build my credit history and really help my life, Without the start you gave me, It would not been possible to have the job i now have, As i needed to pay for fuel etc and claim it back via expenses and without a credit card i would not been able to to this. Now i have a good credit history and a positive life and other main stream credit cards But i will always stay with you.... Thank you


Alice Holder

This company is not understanding or hopeful at all. One colleague says one thing then another collegeaue says no. Need up to date training. I will NOT recommend.


Ginger Martin

This Company is a persistent nuisance and there is no facility for cacelling all communications from the


Noel Daniels

Shocking all they do is bank charges on your account

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